Artists Sunday
Showcase From the Purple House


This holiday season, I’ve joined with artists across the country to create a new art focused shopping day – Artists Sunday on November 28, 2021 (the first Sunday after Thanksgiving).

Think of it like Black Friday or Small Business Saturday but for shopping for art!

Nationwide, artists and supportive community organizations have united to provide you with a one-stop shop of handcrafted goods and artwork for every person on your shopping list. 

Art adds expression and beauty to our lives. That’s why I’m proud to be a part of Artists Sunday this November.

I will actually extend my Artists Sunday to include the entire weekend, from noon on Friday until midnight on Monday!

The links for my Artists Sunday Promotion have gone live and the promotion is better than I had anticipated!  I intended to sell 20 x 20-inch canvas prints for $120 each. A bit of unforseen good fortune is allowing me to lower the price even further to $115! 

Clicking each image below will take you to its promotion page!

In addition to this, Fine Art America is having a 25% off wall art Friday and Monday! That sale extendt to my Pixels Shop, and includes prints on canvas, wood, metal, and acrylic, as well as framed prints and tapestries!


Happy Holidays and , as always,

Thank  you From the Purple House!

Jodi DiLiberto

Abstract fractal image of a pink and green dragon’s lair with a solo, left handed harp in the midst of its chaos. Fractal art by Jodi DiLiberto

Recital at the Lair of the Dragon

Fractal image of a pink heart outside a pink window with nine panes. Fractal image by Jodi DiLiberto

Wishing to Come In

Fractal image of an arrangement of purple petals spilling from a golden bowl on a colorful pedestal. Fractal art by Jodi DiLiberto.

Fractal Arrangement in Purple