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Lady Catbird

I have a relationship with this Catbird. It was tenuous at first, but now we've become friends, and I owe that to grape jelly. Yup, grape jelly! She nests in the bamboo which grows prolifically (uncontrollably, really) near my back porch and my presence there was intolerable to her during these times. She sure can scream and I know she believed she was quite threatening!

Several years ago I put out a feeder for the Orioles and filled it with grape jelly to attract them. A few Orioles came, but it's the catbird who frequents it the most! I'm sure she feeds it to her nestlings, and when it's empty she will actually come to the back door, look in, and scream for me to fill it! She communicates what she wants by coming to the door, flying to the feeder, and coming to the door again. There is no doubt about what she wants and, when I fill it, she's happy.

My Lady Catbird has come to trust me, and not only does she tolerate my presence when she's nesting, she watched calmly one day while one of her babies hopped onto the back porch to visit me!

When I put out the grape jelly now, it's really for her.

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