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I paint what I love in Nature and try to capture the emotions in the faces of people who in some way touch me. I hope my paintings impart the feeling that there is more there than you can actually see. It is such great fun to pick up a brush full of paint, touch it to the canvas and watch a world appear!

Thumbnails of collection of paintings by Jodi DiLiberto
Painting of a butterfly, painting of a Zabulon skipper,painting of foliage,painting of a garden,painting of nature,painting by Jodi DiLiberto
Painting of a garden,landscape,painting of summer,painting of a rock wall,painting of woods,painting by Jodi DiLiberto
painting of apples,acrylic painting,botanical painting,painting of spring, painting of fruit,painting by Jodi DiLiberto


Nunnie's Garden

Zabulon Skipper

Landscape,painting of mountains,painting of blue ridge mountains,impressionistic painting of blue ridge mountains, painting of shenandoah valley, painting by Jodi DiLiberto

Skyline Drive

Portrait of a girl with tiger makeup, Portrait of Kat, Portrait by Jodi DiLiberto
 Portrait of a sleepy boy in a hat, Portrait of Bode, Portrait by Jodi DiLiberto



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