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Capturing, with my camera, the things that capture me

photograph of milkweed, photograph of asclepias, photograph of orange milkweed, photograph of summer, photograph by Jodi DiLiberto
photograph of white blackberry blossoms, photograph of white flowers, photograph of spring,photo of blackberry blossoms, photograph by Jodi DiLiberto

Blackberry Blossoms

Photograph of a catbird, photo of a catbird,photograph of a catbird at an oriole feeder,photograph of spring,photograph by Jodi DiLiberto

Catbird at the Oriole Feeder

Photograph of Bushkill Falls PA, Photograph of shale rock, Photograph of rock wall, photo of stone wall, photo of river, photo of water, photograph by Jodi DiLiberto

Where a Glacier Has Been

photograph of sunset,photograph of evening,photograph of winter evening,silhouettes of trees

Purple Sky on Fire

image of a faerie island on a river, photomanipulation by Jodi DiLiberto, photograph of a tree on a river,photograph of an island

Faerie Island

Photograph of an impressionistic pond with autum leaves, Photograph by Jodi DiLiberto

The Mill Pond in Autumn

Photograph of a Broken Mandolin,photo by Jodi DiLiberto

A Broken and Cherished Mandolin

High Tea

Photograph of birch trees and evergreen branches,photograph by Jodi DiLiberto

Among the Birches

Photograph of asclepias which has gone to seed. Photograph by Jodi DiLiberto

Asclepias Promise

Photograph of a toadstool in the woods, photograph of a dwelling place of faerie folk, photograph by Jodi DiLiberto

Where Faeries Dwell

Photograph of a sundial on an Autumn Day. Photo by Jodi DiLiberto

Time Forsaken

Photograph of one of the bridges across Spring Lake on a late afternoon in late summer, Photo by Jodi DiLiberto

A Golden Afternoon in Spring Lake NJ

Surrealistic photo of a tea kettle amid sunset clouds and silhouettes of branches. Photo by Jodi DiLiberto
Photograph of a monarch butterfly drinking nextar from milkweed on a green background,photo by Jodi DiLiberto

Dining on Milkweed

Milkweed for the Monarchs


Photograph of a day lily,photo by Jodi DiLiberto
Photograph of the boardwalk, beach, and blue sky at Spring Lake NJ in the late afternoon. Photo by Jodi DiLiberto

Almost Dusk

Photograph of a grey catbird with puffed out feathers and its wings raised to fly. Photograph by Jodi DiLiberto

About to Take Flight


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